LACK 惊蛰  
Full length debut album released on  JULY 28th , 2017
Label: PAN
Format: vinyl & digital

Limited edition T-shirt designed by PAN DAIJING & XIMON LEE

“Get’s your heart racing and palms sweating; it’s enthralling and addictive yet disconcerting and uncomfortable. Pan has reasserted her penchant for the uncomfortable, in a sonic iteration of the discomfort of David Lynch’s Eraserhead. ” THE WIRE

“Daijing offsets immersive, sprawling noise with propulsive beats that create a knife edge of tension.” FADER

“Most distinctive about Lack is the way it moves beyond catharsis—sometimes through the intellectual distance that comes from dramatization, but sometimes simply through an openness to fear. At moments it can seem as if we’re privy to the development of Daijing’s relationship to pain—her respect for it and desire to understand it. Much sharper-edged than the sounds one would usually associate with healing, Daijing’s music still seems to cultivate a space in which one might grow.” PITCHFORK

“Across spheres of contemporary art, experimental music, noise and techno, Pan’s twisting trajectory as an artist is rousing to witness; Lack惊蛰 serves as yet another reminder of her thrill.“ THE QUIETUS

“The framework of Lack 惊蛰 is stark, its various pieces all seeming to point against one another, leaving us to stand in the middle of a disparate array of figures all gazing at us as if we were uninvited. It’s these exact environments that allow us to truly discover something new, to leave our preconceived notions of fear and release behind for something that cuts on an even deeper level. “ TINY MIX TAPES

“As she makes herself vulnerable, she becomes powerful;
by owning her contradictions,  she becomes whole.“ A CLOSER LISTEN