a four-day performance at Haus der Kulturen der Welt, Novervember 9-12, 2018
an exhibiton at Isabella Bortolozzi Galerie, February 17th 2018 - March 17th 2018

is a performantive installation and a multilayered open composition of dance, sound and space; an ecology of interactions which invokes stillness and puts outer and inner architectures in relation. Improvisation and the momentary are crucial to the piece; the uncanny and uncontrollable are important elements in a moment of curiosity. I am trying to use visual communication to generate the imagination of sound as a way to invite the viewer to collaborate in a live way - the live performance consists of a choreography and an inaudible vocal performance which is presented successively throughout four days.
Within the acrylic and wooden structure I composed hang two gymnastic rings, there is fresh soil at ankle height both inside and around the perimeter of the box where a turtle crawls. The elements aren't symbolic - they aren't physical keys to access a preconditioned idea - rather they are visual placeholders which are hints through which one can navigate one's own understanding within my composition.
A few aspects important to the piece are a reflection on the machoism inherent to noise music and the presence of an echoing process, the echo being a non-causal relation between a poetic image and the images within the unconscious of the viewer which I wish to open up the space to. On three sides you can see below my shoulder and on one side only above; by blocking the view I deconstruct the view of my body into a form of collage, from different angles one has a different composition of the choreography. The uncanniness suggested in this moment is a catalyst for them to imagine the absent, to fill in the void with their own preconceptions, memories, and senses.