(work in progress)
‘Outside the infinite musicality of nerve waves,
exposed to the boundless hunger of atmosphere,
to the absolute cold.’

Tissues I is a composition for 2 opera singers, 8 performers and 3 connected spaces
commissioned by Biennale of Moving Image Geneva 2018
premiered on Nov 10th 2018 at Sicli Pavillion, Geneva, Switzerland 

Tissues II will happen in Turin June 2019

  • Soprano: Mingqi Hu
    Tenor: Yinhan Deng
    Performers: Tamara Alegre, Nabila Alegre, Pan Daijing, Valentina Demicheli, Kamilya Kuspanova, Kayije Kagame,Julia Lind, Edgar-Allan Torres
    Singer Costume: Ximon Lee
    Performer Wardrobe : Samuel Gui Yang
    Make up and hair : Franziska Presche
    Wardrobe Assistant: Marcus Karkhof
    Casting Assistant: Mohamed Almusibli
    Backstage Assistant: Lola
    Production team: Centre d'Art Contemporain Genève
    Composition, concept and directed by Pan Daijing